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Sunday, October 9, 2011

My First of Many Meals at Newcombe

Can you tell I love food? I aways tell myself to take a picture before I lift the folk but the moment it's sat in front of me I dig right in and then I'm almost done before I remember picture.
So what we have or should I say HAD here was a spinach & feta cheese omelet with some salsa. I like to add salsa to my eggs (scrambled and omletes) for a little more flavor. It's not always needed and in this case definitely not but I'm a foodie, what can I say.
Also some of the best pan handled potatos (that's what they call them, homefries is what most call them) I've ever had. They were crispy with the right crunch and so golden brown as you can see. I think I really liked them because they were separated kinda like fries. I make mine like that and everyone loves them. 

It came with wheat toast and I did use the butter.  (random thought --->) Why do restaurants give cold hard butter with warm bread?  What am I supposed to do with that?  I'll tell you what I and many other people do and that's put that little pat between our warm thighs so it can melt a little.  Have you ever done that?  I have to.  I like my butter slightly melted so it goes on smooth instead of ripping my bread and sitting on it like a mound of lard with no where to go.  It's not going to melt because the bread is warm.  Is that what they think?  I'm sure the waiters/waitress' also put the cold pat of butter in their warm spot when they go out but they don't think ahead when serving us. hmmm!   
I can't remember if their butter was cold or ready spread or not.  I will have to make note of it when I go back.
I had a little ketchup on the side.  I like to dip my potatos in my ketchup instead of drizzling the ketchup on them.  Are you a dipper or a drizzler?

That food was yummy.  I know for sure I finished most of it.  How could I possible take a picture of an empty plate?  I would not have remembered what the heck was on it.

I also want to add that the bathroom was clean which matters to me.  I did take a picture of it but I can't find it right now.  I will add that at a later time.

Do you rate a place based on the restroom?

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Simply_sensual said...

That looks yum, I myself am a foodie. Self proclaimed Cbubby