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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some Random Meals!

This was some grape tomatos w/ some herb seasoning, balsamic vinegar & olive oil and a little tuna fish. It was a snack. 

I had started in on this meal before realizing a picture was needed.  It was just that one pic of chicken thigh which I always try to get the smaller piece and the rest salad.  There was balsamic vinegar & olive oil on it and a little hot sauce on the chicken.

A meal of scrambled eggs, piece of toast (little I can't believe its not butter), half of a banana with water and green tea.  Yummy!

This is something I have come to enjoy.  Tuna fish with balsamic vinegar and a little seasoning.  I love tuna fish but never tried it without mayo until I tried the Dukan Diet.  It was not bad.  I had five saltine crackers, water and a polar seltzer water. 
This picture is a few years old.  It was one of my book club hosting times.  Whenever I would remember to take a picture of my table I would and this was one of those time.  I don't remember what the entree was that day but I know there was some baked chicken, salad and some chips & dip.  It was a good book club. 

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