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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Something New!!! @ Ledge

How I found the Ledge was due to a craving.  I wanted a lobster roll for dinner so Fiancee' and I went to our local spot (our fav) on the beach but it was closed due to the hurricane.  No, we were not riding around in the hurricane.  The hurricane warning was the day before.  So on the day we went it was a lovely sunny day.  You would not have thought anything about a hurricane had transpired in some areas but there were some trees down in others. 
So you can imagine my disappointment when I realized that it was dark inside not to mention with it being a beautiful day, there were no patrons outside enjoying a meal.  Lucky for those who got the day off but now I had to find another spot that could satisfy my craving.
What do I do?  Thank goodness for internet on the cell phone.  I googled "lobster rolls in Dorchester, MA".  That was the area I was in and I wasn't in the mood to drive too much further even for a roll.  Yelp! came up with a review and a picture of a lobster roll so we headed over to the Ledge.

When walked it, it was busy but not overwhelmingly so.  All of the tables were full which was a good sign that the locals liked it.  It was all white inside.  Kind of catchy. 
I asked the hostess how long of a wait.  She said a few minutes.  She walked away, came back and asked us to follow her.  We walked the length of the restaurant then out the back door.  I thought we made a mistake and shouldn't have followed her.  I was wrong.  There were more tables and a nicer ambiance. 
I was pleasantly surprised. 
We were seated in view of a well lit bar.  To the right of us, a company party going on but they did not disturb or distract.  They clapped off and on but it didn't bother anyone.  There candles on each table and string lights hanging here and there. 
Very nice setting for a lovely summer evening.

I asked the waiter when do they stop serving outside.  He said they serve outside until the middle of November if the weather is good. 

The menu was not overwhelming.  It featured some good fare.  The special was a little different and I may have tried it but I was on a mission.  One that had to be completed.
Here is an old fav (water) and a new fav.  I like to see what's on a drink menu and try something new there too.  You never know what else is good if you stick to your same old blend.  I saw coco punch and had to try it.  Man when I tell you it was just like punch, it was just like punch.  One sip and it instantly became my new fav.  I haven't tried to get it anywhere else nor have I been back to the Ledge. 
It's time for a come out & cocktail. 
So I order the lobster roll.  The waiter who was also my bartender said "its really good."  He didn't lie.  It wasn't the one I really wanted but it was a close 2nd at that moment.  I need to remember to ask "no lettuce" for future rolls.  It was even better once I added the butter.  The bun was delish too.  I think it was a brioche bun.  Light and buttery sweet... So good.  I did enjoy.

For a long time I was not a fan of lobster rolls.  I mean, they were good but not as good as when I just have a lobster.  It wasn't until this past summer when I was watching my favorite local food show Phantom Gourmet.  They were featuring lobster rolls and the restaurants who love them.  I had to try a few of them.

I went to a place I had passed many times down on the beach.  Many folks were ordering the rolls and I couldn't wait to get mine.  I was giving this place a shot because it had a good rating on Yelp! and Phantom spoke highly of it.  So I get my roll and it was like every other roll I had ever had.  I sat there looking at it, wondering what was wrong with the lobster.  Something is missing.  It has to be.  Or maybe I don't like bread with my lobster.  Nah, that wasn't it.  Then it dawned on me.  Whenever I eat lobster in that form, I always eat it with butter.  
So I asked for some butter and boy oh boy that roll came to life and danced a jig in my mouth.  
That place by the beach is #1 for me for more reasons than one. 
I had six of their rolls this summer alone.

Better view of the roll.

Fiancee' had a turkey burger topped with a fried egg and cheese.  I don't think I tried it because I don't remember what it tasted like.  He loved it and decided he would add an egg to burgers made at home.  Go figure! 
I'm going back very soon.

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