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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One of My Favorite Eateries!! @ NYAJ

I love this place to pieces... This place is awesome.... The waiters/waiteress' taste all of the food created so they can give an honest opinion on each dish. I haven't been to many places that do that.  I am kind of turned off by restaurants that don't encourage it because I am always asking my server how something tastes on the menu.  When they tell me they have never tasted it, my next question is "how long have you been employed here?" They get off it's only been a few weeks but if it's been years, I am not impressed with management.  CAN YOU  GUESS WHAT RESTAURANT IT IS?

<--- this is the best bread and dip ever. My girlfriend brought some from somewhere and served it with some crusty bread, it was nothing like this. All I tasted was oil and herbs no real flavor at all.  This is right here, is garlicy but not too much, a little spicy but not too much, and cheesy just enough. I love it.  I like the small end pieces of bread... OH IT'S SO GOOD! It's time to visit again.

<--- One of my all time favorite drinks, Chocolate Martini.  It's don't done correctly everywhere, so I have to tell them how I like it. Very simple Bailey's & Vanilla vodka. That's how I like it. I've tried many variations and some I've liked but the above recipe suites me best.  Do you have a favorite drink? What's in it?

<--- This was my entree. I think it was the Thai Chicken Salad. It was delicious. My first time having it and I loved it. I know I finished the meal. I know I did.

<--- This was my girlfriends dish.  I don't know what it is but it looks delish. I would try it.

<--- Now this was a little disappointing.  The Peanut Butter Thing I've had this dessert several times but never at the restaurant only take out. It's weird but it did not taste as good. I don't know. Maybe the recipe has changed a bit because it's been a long time since I had it.

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