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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random Food and Drinks at Home

This is my random food blog. I've been taking pictures of my food for a few months. Why? You may ask. Well, it started as a way for me to log it (they say it's best to keep a log of your food intake so you will know what you are putting in your body) and I felt it was easier to take a picture of it so I could remember what it was exactly I had.

<---Green Tea in my "I love my Cat" cup.                                   

<--24 oz cup of water. I probaby shouldnt' have it so close to the dang computer. Oh well, that was a none accidental day. Thank goodness.

<---This does not look appetizing at all but it was. It's american chinese food (shrimp egg foo yung, boneless spare ribs and veggie fried rice). It always taste better the next day to me.

<--- My all time favorite milk with a pb (skippy's honey roasted) & j (grape).

<--- this was a small candy treat (watermelon smoothie jolly rancher). I was literally taking pics of every food item I put in my mouth.

<--- Have you ever tried these? If you haven't and they are in your area, I would recommend them. Let me know what your thought. I grill them mostly on my Wolfgang Puck Bistro counter top grille (I love that thing). Sometimes I'll put some peppers and onions with them but they are so good, them alone is fine.

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