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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trying Something New!!! @ Sugar

Went to the local Staples for an ink cartridge.  Looked across the street and this sign caught my eye.  I saw that it served breakfast, lunch and dinner so I was going to try one of them.  I took Fiancee' there one Friday morning and we were both pleasantly surprised.  The inside was very clean looking with enough seating for about 20 comfortably.  The decor was simple but classy.  The big window was open, inviting the summer morning to join us. 

We were seated next to a nice wiser couple so I asked "come here often?" The woman whom I shared the booth seating with (not table), said "no, it's our first time."  Look at that, it was our first time too.  They were a retired couple from New Hampshire who watches Phantom Gourmet (like me) and then visit some of the featured restaurants (like me).  Wow!  They had actually came to visit another restaurant a few doors down but it was closed so they stopped in there.

That wasn't the best part.  So when their food came to the table since they ordered before us, she offered me a taste of her food before she touched it.  I could not believe it. 
Did I accept? Of course I did... I am a foodie.  Of course Fiancee' ragged me about it but what can I say.  He knows I love food.

Fiancee' ordered a scrambled egg, turkey patties and home fries breakfast and added one pancake.  It was not a blueberry pancake but it came with fresh blueberries and they were delicious.  Those eggs were "free range" or something like that but boy could you tell the difference.  They were so good.  The home fries were not as good as my favorite place and could have been replaced with more fruit something else since they weren't that good.  The bread was homemade and good.
The pancake, he didn't share so I can't tell you anything about it.

This was my ceasar salad.  It was very delish.  The dressing was enough for the greens and croutons.  I was glad they didn't take it upon themselves to toss it for me but allowed me to decide if I wanted to dip or mix.  I like that.

This was my entree.  Macaroni & Cheese with bacon.  So what made me settle on this was being able to taste my table neighbor's dish.  I would not have ordered it.  When I looked at the menu I saw macaroni & cheese with crabmeat.  OMG!!! I want that...  Waiter comes to take order so I ask for it, "sorry we no longer serve that. The crabmeat has been replaced with bacon."  I like bacon, no I  love bacon but I am not always in the mood for it.  My table neighbor had ordered it and offered me taste (that's how I came to taste my neighbors food).
Would I order it again?  Yes, without the bacon.  The bacon was crispy and I don't like my bacon like that.  I like mine to have a little flop/chew to it.  I guess I could ask that it be prepared that way and then it will be ON & POPPIN'.  The cheese in it was the BOMB!

I've gone back to this restaurant but I forgot to photograph my meal.  I like it here and need to go back.

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