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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Had No Idea!!! @ Annabelle's

I've lived in my neighborhood for just over five years and I walk often around here.  Many times I would past this restaurant and it was never open.  Of course when I walked it was always in the morning or early afternoon. 
One Friday evening after a business meeting, my partner suggested we grab a bit before heading home.  We went to this local spot which was around the corner from all of us literally.  I couldn't believe that it was open.  We go inside, its well lit with brown wood beams and colums.  It had two sitting areas, one deep in the restaurant and the other close to the windows for better viewing.  We were seated on the window side. 
It's a good spot with a romantic feel.
This is one of my partners fisherman's platter.  It had the shrimp, scallops, haddock and french fries.  It lookes so good, I had to capture it.

This was my other partners meal.  Haddock and fries.  The picture does nothing for what it really looked like and how good she said it tasted.

This was my meal.  Baked haddock, risotto with aparagus.  It was pretty darn good.  I'm glad I got it. 
I've been back to this restaurant many times and I totally forgot all about a picture. 
It's a good spot... I had no idea.

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Yolandaas said...

thats making me hungry lol x