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Saturday, October 29, 2011

An all-inclusive trip for $49.

Yes, I did say all-inclusive (Air, Hotel, Meals, Transportation) for $49. 
(Ask me how you can get deals like this)
This is one of the feasts they laid out for us.  Yum!
Visit the Grand Lucayan Resort. 
They will take very good care of you.

This was our welcome lunch.  I should have taken a picture of the spread before it was served.  I will remember next time.

That half empty bowl is potato salad.  Let me tell you, I'm like most people who is very picky about my potato salad. I don't like it to be too white, I like mustard in mine for that yellow effect and I like firm potatos for the most part.
Fresh made potato salad is my favorite.  I don't like it cold at all.  If I get it out the fridge, I have to give it time to warm up.  I can tell by looking at it if I'll like it or not. 
I saw that and decided to give it a try, I was not disappointed.  It was very good!!!

This is my plate.  I had a rib (delish), lobster salad (delish, delish), coleslaw (delish), green salad (delish), potato salad (so good)... There's something else on there besides the roll but I can't tell what it is.  I can tell you, that plate was clean so whatever that unidentifiable delicacy is, I enjoyed that too.

Awwww, how can I forget.  The original Bahama Mama.... It's a must have while in the Bahamas.  And be sure to try the Yellow Bird too... I didn't get a picture of that but its sooooo good. 
I could use both right now.
(I had to pay for this drink but the ones at the reception were part of the all-inclusive)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Had No Idea!!! @ Annabelle's

I've lived in my neighborhood for just over five years and I walk often around here.  Many times I would past this restaurant and it was never open.  Of course when I walked it was always in the morning or early afternoon. 
One Friday evening after a business meeting, my partner suggested we grab a bit before heading home.  We went to this local spot which was around the corner from all of us literally.  I couldn't believe that it was open.  We go inside, its well lit with brown wood beams and colums.  It had two sitting areas, one deep in the restaurant and the other close to the windows for better viewing.  We were seated on the window side. 
It's a good spot with a romantic feel.
This is one of my partners fisherman's platter.  It had the shrimp, scallops, haddock and french fries.  It lookes so good, I had to capture it.

This was my other partners meal.  Haddock and fries.  The picture does nothing for what it really looked like and how good she said it tasted.

This was my meal.  Baked haddock, risotto with aparagus.  It was pretty darn good.  I'm glad I got it. 
I've been back to this restaurant many times and I totally forgot all about a picture. 
It's a good spot... I had no idea.

Some Random Meals!

This was some grape tomatos w/ some herb seasoning, balsamic vinegar & olive oil and a little tuna fish. It was a snack. 

I had started in on this meal before realizing a picture was needed.  It was just that one pic of chicken thigh which I always try to get the smaller piece and the rest salad.  There was balsamic vinegar & olive oil on it and a little hot sauce on the chicken.

A meal of scrambled eggs, piece of toast (little I can't believe its not butter), half of a banana with water and green tea.  Yummy!

This is something I have come to enjoy.  Tuna fish with balsamic vinegar and a little seasoning.  I love tuna fish but never tried it without mayo until I tried the Dukan Diet.  It was not bad.  I had five saltine crackers, water and a polar seltzer water. 
This picture is a few years old.  It was one of my book club hosting times.  Whenever I would remember to take a picture of my table I would and this was one of those time.  I don't remember what the entree was that day but I know there was some baked chicken, salad and some chips & dip.  It was a good book club. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Something New!!! @ Ledge

How I found the Ledge was due to a craving.  I wanted a lobster roll for dinner so Fiancee' and I went to our local spot (our fav) on the beach but it was closed due to the hurricane.  No, we were not riding around in the hurricane.  The hurricane warning was the day before.  So on the day we went it was a lovely sunny day.  You would not have thought anything about a hurricane had transpired in some areas but there were some trees down in others. 
So you can imagine my disappointment when I realized that it was dark inside not to mention with it being a beautiful day, there were no patrons outside enjoying a meal.  Lucky for those who got the day off but now I had to find another spot that could satisfy my craving.
What do I do?  Thank goodness for internet on the cell phone.  I googled "lobster rolls in Dorchester, MA".  That was the area I was in and I wasn't in the mood to drive too much further even for a roll.  Yelp! came up with a review and a picture of a lobster roll so we headed over to the Ledge.

When walked it, it was busy but not overwhelmingly so.  All of the tables were full which was a good sign that the locals liked it.  It was all white inside.  Kind of catchy. 
I asked the hostess how long of a wait.  She said a few minutes.  She walked away, came back and asked us to follow her.  We walked the length of the restaurant then out the back door.  I thought we made a mistake and shouldn't have followed her.  I was wrong.  There were more tables and a nicer ambiance. 
I was pleasantly surprised. 
We were seated in view of a well lit bar.  To the right of us, a company party going on but they did not disturb or distract.  They clapped off and on but it didn't bother anyone.  There candles on each table and string lights hanging here and there. 
Very nice setting for a lovely summer evening.

I asked the waiter when do they stop serving outside.  He said they serve outside until the middle of November if the weather is good. 

The menu was not overwhelming.  It featured some good fare.  The special was a little different and I may have tried it but I was on a mission.  One that had to be completed.
Here is an old fav (water) and a new fav.  I like to see what's on a drink menu and try something new there too.  You never know what else is good if you stick to your same old blend.  I saw coco punch and had to try it.  Man when I tell you it was just like punch, it was just like punch.  One sip and it instantly became my new fav.  I haven't tried to get it anywhere else nor have I been back to the Ledge. 
It's time for a come out & cocktail. 
So I order the lobster roll.  The waiter who was also my bartender said "its really good."  He didn't lie.  It wasn't the one I really wanted but it was a close 2nd at that moment.  I need to remember to ask "no lettuce" for future rolls.  It was even better once I added the butter.  The bun was delish too.  I think it was a brioche bun.  Light and buttery sweet... So good.  I did enjoy.

For a long time I was not a fan of lobster rolls.  I mean, they were good but not as good as when I just have a lobster.  It wasn't until this past summer when I was watching my favorite local food show Phantom Gourmet.  They were featuring lobster rolls and the restaurants who love them.  I had to try a few of them.

I went to a place I had passed many times down on the beach.  Many folks were ordering the rolls and I couldn't wait to get mine.  I was giving this place a shot because it had a good rating on Yelp! and Phantom spoke highly of it.  So I get my roll and it was like every other roll I had ever had.  I sat there looking at it, wondering what was wrong with the lobster.  Something is missing.  It has to be.  Or maybe I don't like bread with my lobster.  Nah, that wasn't it.  Then it dawned on me.  Whenever I eat lobster in that form, I always eat it with butter.  
So I asked for some butter and boy oh boy that roll came to life and danced a jig in my mouth.  
That place by the beach is #1 for me for more reasons than one. 
I had six of their rolls this summer alone.

Better view of the roll.

Fiancee' had a turkey burger topped with a fried egg and cheese.  I don't think I tried it because I don't remember what it tasted like.  He loved it and decided he would add an egg to burgers made at home.  Go figure! 
I'm going back very soon.

Trying Something New!!! @ Sugar

Went to the local Staples for an ink cartridge.  Looked across the street and this sign caught my eye.  I saw that it served breakfast, lunch and dinner so I was going to try one of them.  I took Fiancee' there one Friday morning and we were both pleasantly surprised.  The inside was very clean looking with enough seating for about 20 comfortably.  The decor was simple but classy.  The big window was open, inviting the summer morning to join us. 

We were seated next to a nice wiser couple so I asked "come here often?" The woman whom I shared the booth seating with (not table), said "no, it's our first time."  Look at that, it was our first time too.  They were a retired couple from New Hampshire who watches Phantom Gourmet (like me) and then visit some of the featured restaurants (like me).  Wow!  They had actually came to visit another restaurant a few doors down but it was closed so they stopped in there.

That wasn't the best part.  So when their food came to the table since they ordered before us, she offered me a taste of her food before she touched it.  I could not believe it. 
Did I accept? Of course I did... I am a foodie.  Of course Fiancee' ragged me about it but what can I say.  He knows I love food.

Fiancee' ordered a scrambled egg, turkey patties and home fries breakfast and added one pancake.  It was not a blueberry pancake but it came with fresh blueberries and they were delicious.  Those eggs were "free range" or something like that but boy could you tell the difference.  They were so good.  The home fries were not as good as my favorite place and could have been replaced with more fruit something else since they weren't that good.  The bread was homemade and good.
The pancake, he didn't share so I can't tell you anything about it.

This was my ceasar salad.  It was very delish.  The dressing was enough for the greens and croutons.  I was glad they didn't take it upon themselves to toss it for me but allowed me to decide if I wanted to dip or mix.  I like that.

This was my entree.  Macaroni & Cheese with bacon.  So what made me settle on this was being able to taste my table neighbor's dish.  I would not have ordered it.  When I looked at the menu I saw macaroni & cheese with crabmeat.  OMG!!! I want that...  Waiter comes to take order so I ask for it, "sorry we no longer serve that. The crabmeat has been replaced with bacon."  I like bacon, no I  love bacon but I am not always in the mood for it.  My table neighbor had ordered it and offered me taste (that's how I came to taste my neighbors food).
Would I order it again?  Yes, without the bacon.  The bacon was crispy and I don't like my bacon like that.  I like mine to have a little flop/chew to it.  I guess I could ask that it be prepared that way and then it will be ON & POPPIN'.  The cheese in it was the BOMB!

I've gone back to this restaurant but I forgot to photograph my meal.  I like it here and need to go back.

Another Meal at NewCombe

One Friday morning out with my girlfriend, I introduced her to my favorite breakfast spot. 
This was some good french toast and sausage links.  I don't usually order this at other places and it was my first time ordering it here.  I was not disappointed. 

I could not leave out the pan-handled potatos.  Yes I like my ketchup on the side.
That was a good breakfast day!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Am I the Only One?

I can't be the only one who likes a decent public restroom. 

This was my local Walmart and I was surprised but very pleased. 

These two are from a local eatery and only my second time being in there.  I liked it.

Oh So Good!!! @ Legal's.

Hello Foodies,

I haven't been on for a few days but you know I have eaten like crazy.  Oh my oh my, why is it sooooo good? I'm glad it is.

Below are some good choices I made at once of my favorite restaurants.

This salad is their Apple, Avocado, Goat cheese with grilled Scallops. I've had the salad before without scallops and I loved it.  I can take it either way. YUMMY!

Yes, I do like their rolls. However, you know how I feel about the cold butter with warm rolls.  Well their butter isn't hard cold which I like but I do let them sit a little longer so they can soften up more. I can say that I don't have to do the "thigh warmer" with their butter so they get a thumbs up for that.

OMG!!!! I did really good with this one. I didn't have it until I was half way through my meal before I tried it.  I don't know if that was a good thing though.  See when I placed the order, I asked that my chocolate martini be made the way I like it.  I only want Bailey's and Vanilla vodka, that's it besides the little chocolate syrup.  The bartender said "That's how I make it."  So when I did finally taste it, it was actually too sweet.  I've never had that be an issue.  I don't know.  I should have had another to see what the issue was.  Oh well, it was ok.  Not my favorite.

Well, this is my favorite there too. Lobster Bisque.  I could eat all of the creamy soup there is but this one takes the cake.  However, it wasn't as hot just warm enough.  I'm not going to be hard on them this time.  They get a pass.  This time!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Missing My Hair

I know it sounds crazy but I was missing my hair.  I missed the touch of it and the options it provides for different styles.  My hair is fabulous and I was missing all it's fabulousness.

For the last two weeks I've been wearing a weave.  I planned to keep my natural hair braided up styling it with wigs and weaves on a occassion so it could grow out some more.  It felt longer than two weeks with the weave because I was missing my hair. 

So tonight I took out the weave, put conditioner on it for a few hours to make soft, washed it using my KeraCare Cleansing Cream, conditioned it again then put on the leave-in conditioner. Once all of that was done I two strand twisted it up with some KeraCare Defining Custard.  It felt good running my fingers through my hair.  I can't wait til it's dry.

I love my hair.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Love Thee

I love thee and that is ME!
Why do people try to make you feel selfish because you do? Isn't that selfish of them?

<--- My first twisted bun. (Thanks to MsVaugh on Youtube) I like this style a lot.

One of My Favorite Eateries!! @ NYAJ

I love this place to pieces... This place is awesome.... The waiters/waiteress' taste all of the food created so they can give an honest opinion on each dish. I haven't been to many places that do that.  I am kind of turned off by restaurants that don't encourage it because I am always asking my server how something tastes on the menu.  When they tell me they have never tasted it, my next question is "how long have you been employed here?" They get off it's only been a few weeks but if it's been years, I am not impressed with management.  CAN YOU  GUESS WHAT RESTAURANT IT IS?

<--- this is the best bread and dip ever. My girlfriend brought some from somewhere and served it with some crusty bread, it was nothing like this. All I tasted was oil and herbs no real flavor at all.  This is right here, is garlicy but not too much, a little spicy but not too much, and cheesy just enough. I love it.  I like the small end pieces of bread... OH IT'S SO GOOD! It's time to visit again.

<--- One of my all time favorite drinks, Chocolate Martini.  It's don't done correctly everywhere, so I have to tell them how I like it. Very simple Bailey's & Vanilla vodka. That's how I like it. I've tried many variations and some I've liked but the above recipe suites me best.  Do you have a favorite drink? What's in it?

<--- This was my entree. I think it was the Thai Chicken Salad. It was delicious. My first time having it and I loved it. I know I finished the meal. I know I did.

<--- This was my girlfriends dish.  I don't know what it is but it looks delish. I would try it.

<--- Now this was a little disappointing.  The Peanut Butter Thing I've had this dessert several times but never at the restaurant only take out. It's weird but it did not taste as good. I don't know. Maybe the recipe has changed a bit because it's been a long time since I had it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Can You Believe This? I couldn't!

I know this has nothing to do with food (thank goodness) but I wanted to share this with you.  Over the summer I saw a commercial ad on TV for Lipo.  Was I going to do it? No! but I was curious so I called the number and made an appointment at the center in my area. 
The day came and I couldn't wait to hear what they offered.  Before I arrived, they were calling me like crazy because I was running a little late.  When I got there, they didn't know who I was after I gave them my name.  I gave them the same name when I made the appoitment and mind you, they had called me a few times using that name.  Nonetheless they didn't know who I was while standing in front of them. Whatever!
Not to mention the whole customer service sucked.
So they finally figure it out and ask me to follow to the waiting room, which I do.  As we were going, I asked for the restroom. 
When I got in there, I was surprised to find the toilet like the above.  All I did was lock the door and walk over to the toilet and BAM, I'm greeted with this.  As you may notice in the first pic, I flushed it to see if it would change.  Once stopped flushing/rushing, that's what it looked like in the 2nd pic. 
I couldn't not believe that they were cutting people open to do whatever and your toilet looks like that.  A place like that needs someone cleaning/tidying up the restrooms regularly.  The sad part is, its not like the person before me did that.  I find that hard to believe.  That is long lasting stains.  That stain has been there for a long time.  What's even worse, the place hadn't been open in that location for six months.

I need to make a new appointment to see what the toilet looks like now.  If it is the same, I am going to expose them because that is disgusting.

After seening that, I decided to start taking pictures of the public bathrooms I used.  If I didn't have to use the restroom, I wasn't going to go in just to snap a picture. 

I like to eat out a lot, I feel like a restaurant restroom needs more attention than one at a gas station.  However, I've been to a few gas station restrooms that were cleaner than some restaurants.  To me having someone keeping that space tidy is worth putting into the budget.  STOP BEING SO CHEAP. 

Have you ever considered Lipo?  Did you go through with it? If so, are you happy with the results?  

When You Try A Diet

<---- This was a meal I made of baked mashed sweet potatos, frozen collard greens, baked chicken with the skin (I did take it off before eating) macaroni & cheese and cornbread.
I was on the Dukan Diet and this was the first real meal I was allowed. I have no idea why I had two pieces of cornbread but I did.
Have you tried the Dukan?  Were you successful?  How long were you on it? How much weight did you lose? 
I lost 3lbs, not really that successful, stayed on it for three weeks.
Diet, Sm-iet... It's a lifestyle change not a day change.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October is...


Eat Better, Eat Together (Are you eating better every month? What have you changed in you diet?)
National Carmel
National Chili
National Popcorn Poppin
Pear and Pineapple
Pizza  (Yah!)
Rhubarb (Do you have a good recipe for this? I would like to try it.)
Spinach Lovers
Tackling Hunger (Have any ideas?)

3rd - 10th is No Salt (we kinda missed this but we can keep it in mind for the rest of the month)
9th - 15th is National Chestnut (I like water chestnuts, haven't tried the real ones. Have you?)
16th - 22nd is National Food Bank (Are you open to donating food or time?)

11th is National Coming Out Day.... I am coming out as an OFFICIAL FOODIE!

My First of Many Meals at Newcombe

Can you tell I love food? I aways tell myself to take a picture before I lift the folk but the moment it's sat in front of me I dig right in and then I'm almost done before I remember picture.
So what we have or should I say HAD here was a spinach & feta cheese omelet with some salsa. I like to add salsa to my eggs (scrambled and omletes) for a little more flavor. It's not always needed and in this case definitely not but I'm a foodie, what can I say.
Also some of the best pan handled potatos (that's what they call them, homefries is what most call them) I've ever had. They were crispy with the right crunch and so golden brown as you can see. I think I really liked them because they were separated kinda like fries. I make mine like that and everyone loves them. 

It came with wheat toast and I did use the butter.  (random thought --->) Why do restaurants give cold hard butter with warm bread?  What am I supposed to do with that?  I'll tell you what I and many other people do and that's put that little pat between our warm thighs so it can melt a little.  Have you ever done that?  I have to.  I like my butter slightly melted so it goes on smooth instead of ripping my bread and sitting on it like a mound of lard with no where to go.  It's not going to melt because the bread is warm.  Is that what they think?  I'm sure the waiters/waitress' also put the cold pat of butter in their warm spot when they go out but they don't think ahead when serving us. hmmm!   
I can't remember if their butter was cold or ready spread or not.  I will have to make note of it when I go back.
I had a little ketchup on the side.  I like to dip my potatos in my ketchup instead of drizzling the ketchup on them.  Are you a dipper or a drizzler?

That food was yummy.  I know for sure I finished most of it.  How could I possible take a picture of an empty plate?  I would not have remembered what the heck was on it.

I also want to add that the bathroom was clean which matters to me.  I did take a picture of it but I can't find it right now.  I will add that at a later time.

Do you rate a place based on the restroom?

Random Food and Drinks at Home

This is my random food blog. I've been taking pictures of my food for a few months. Why? You may ask. Well, it started as a way for me to log it (they say it's best to keep a log of your food intake so you will know what you are putting in your body) and I felt it was easier to take a picture of it so I could remember what it was exactly I had.

<---Green Tea in my "I love my Cat" cup.                                   

<--24 oz cup of water. I probaby shouldnt' have it so close to the dang computer. Oh well, that was a none accidental day. Thank goodness.

<---This does not look appetizing at all but it was. It's american chinese food (shrimp egg foo yung, boneless spare ribs and veggie fried rice). It always taste better the next day to me.

<--- My all time favorite milk with a pb (skippy's honey roasted) & j (grape).

<--- this was a small candy treat (watermelon smoothie jolly rancher). I was literally taking pics of every food item I put in my mouth.

<--- Have you ever tried these? If you haven't and they are in your area, I would recommend them. Let me know what your thought. I grill them mostly on my Wolfgang Puck Bistro counter top grille (I love that thing). Sometimes I'll put some peppers and onions with them but they are so good, them alone is fine.