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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!! 
It has been a very long time since my last post. 365 days to be exact.  I am totally ashamed!!! 
This is not be an annual blog, I do promise.  My #1 goal to my blog is to post on a regular basis. To share what is going, ask questions, meet people and explore.   

Today is the first day of a new year with new challenges, rewards, novices and experiences.  

I started my day with the Inspirational Morning Vitamin aka the IMV. It was a great start to a my day and giving myself the jump start needed to be inside of those ropes featured at our next convention in April.  

I went off to the store in pursuit of a very important side dish needed for my New Year's day meal.  Well, of course because I waited til the day of to get it, there was no more.  Completely out at three different stores.  Was I upset they were out?  No, it only solidify my actions over many years of my life.  Sometimes I don't exude the drive needed to exemplify URGENCY.  I was in the store on Monday, I didn't have a list with me so I didn't think about my need for my ingredients.  If I had taken my planned walked that did not happen, I could have gotten it then but since I didn't leave the house at all.... You get the picture.

How will I change this in 2014?  By setting goals, sticking to them. Making a to do list not the day it needs to be done but the day before. As well as a weekly list, a monthly and yearly.  

Today I spoke with a few people about making changes and exploding this year.  Getting more eyes in front of the screen is my biggest goal from here on out.

So let us get reacquainted since it has been so long.

What were some milestones, thrown stones or non-passed stones in 2013 you endured, accomplished or overcame?

Here are a few things I can remember doing in January 2013.

I cut my hair for a new look and fresh start.
I gained two new preferred customers for my health and wellness business.  We had our first meeting for the year on the 14th at the ZAZ Restaurant.   I remember having a wrap there that I wasn't too fond of (pic attached).  That was the first time that had happened out of all the times I had eaten there over the last four months of me going there.  I think it was the veggie wrap which the hosted had referred.  I let her know I didn't like it.
I was consulting at this law firm in the Financial District.  The Jamaica Tourism Board hosted a private dinner for us as a thank you for coming down as if they had not done enough when were there.  I was glad I was able to attend.
We tried a new sushi spot called Genki.  It was pretty tasty enough for us to go back a few times during the year.
I was a vendor at a Health and Wellness fair in Weymouth.  It was a positive experience and I will support them often.

I went to the Bridal Expo at the Park Plaza Hotel and let me tell you, I had the best cupcake I had ever had.  I would be ordering some more.
Christopher (JTB Business Development Manager) and I
Dinner at the JTB Event

ZAZ Restaurant Veggie Wrap
Health and Wellness Fair
Miso Soup
Shrimp Tempura, Avocado & Spinach Rolls (not the name of them, I don't remember what it is.)

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