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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Already been too long!

It has been too long already since my last post.  I am not going to allow that to happen.  So let me tell you what has been going on with me.

So much has happened......

I started in a Our Community 52 Week Money Challenge on Facebook.  Have you heard of it?  Would you do it?
It is really easy.  You start with $1.00 and each week you double that dollar until you have put in $52.00 the last week of the year.  By then you will have $1378.00.  What would you do with it?
I have not decided yet what I will do with it but I will let you know as it draws near.

My last few weeks has been loads of fun.  The week of the 6th, our big event 2014 Road To Diamond Tour went great.  I was in charge of the time which everyone still went over.  We had 85 in attendance and 29 were potential new business partners.  It was so exciting.  It was going on simultaneously in seven different cities around the United States.  We were in:
Birmingham, AL
Boston, MA
Detroit, MI
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA

Do you live in either of those locations?

I started with a weight loss support group this past Thursday.  There are 5 women and 2 men, a nutritionist and the administrator, both women not included in the 5.
Our first meeting we introduced ourselves a little different.  We stood up the first time, gave our name, where we lived and our favorite color or whatever we wanted to share about ourselves.  If anyone in the group had your same first name or last, liked your favorite color or lived in the same area would stand up too. It went like this:

My name is Lisa
I was born and raised in Boston, MA
I have one daughter
I love all kinds of foods (most of the time)
I love all colors but Orange is the top
I crochet
and I'm an entrepreneur

If you can relate to any of those, you would stand up too.
Someone said they loved chocolate and all of us including the men stood up.

We did that three times.  The next time it was to tell what were our triggers and what brought us to the group.  The last time was to talk about our goals and what we would like to get from the group.
We filled out a form with our food changes and our activity changes  for the 20 weeks we will be doing this.
My food change is to have more fruits and veggies for snack.
My activity change is to walk 90 mins a day 5x a week, dance 30 mins 3x a week and weights 30 mins 3x a week.

How have I been doing?
I am doing good.  It will be great when that time of the month is over.

Speaking of that time of the month.... I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL IT IS OVER FOR GOOD.
Now I said it!!

I have never ever ever ever felt that way before about something good for my body but let me tell you... I AM OVER IT!!!

So this past weekend, I went hanging with my cousin for her birthday.  Her friends are a riot. We had a good time.  Our first destination did not get started until we arrived.. For real!  You've heard that saying "The party don't start till I run through'.  Well that was the truth.  It was like tumble weeds in there.  Then we went dancing.  That was the first time in 27 years that I went out and did not drink any alcohol.  I was pregnant then.  If I didn't tell you before, I am not drinking for 90 days.  I started January 1st.  This is not a resolution but it was time to detox the liver and it's going well.  It feels good to know that I do not have a problem with it. Being out while others were drinking did not make me desire any.... Out of the seven of us ladies out four were not drinking.

BTW, I am moving up the ranks... I made Regional Executive tonight.

What have you been up to?

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